Premier Capital plc

Company Structure

Premier Capital plc is the Developmental Licencee for McDonald’s in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania. Premier Capital generates revenue in excess of €300 million from 175 restaurants, employs over 9,000 people and serves more than 150 million customers every year.

The Company, whose registered office is at Nineteen Twenty Three, Valletta Road, Marsa MRS 3000. Malta, is a public limited company incorporated and registered under the Companies Act and operating and domiciled in Malta, having a company registration number C36522.

The Company’s Authorised Share Capital is of €40,000,000 divided into:

400,000 ordinary shares;

having a nominal value of €100 each.
The Company’s Issued share capital is of €33,674,700 and is divided into:
336,747 ordinary shares;
having a nominal value of €100 each
All of which are fully paid and subscribed to by the following shareholders:
Carmelo sive Melo Hili as to 1 Ordinary share
Hili Ventures Ltd as to 336,746 Ordinary shares
The listed securities issued by the Company in 2010 are €25,000,000 6.8% bonds due 2017-2020